Thursday, July 31, 2008

Students, here is an overview of the introduction and task that we have gone over in class.

Introduction of the project: Many people like to travel to different places for short periods of time. They use this time to visit, vacation and explore new places. Before they go, they have to plan where they are going, how they will get there, what they will do there and how much money they will spend. It’s a lot of work to plan a trip. Many people use travel agents to help them. Travel agents are people whose work is to plan all the details of a trip.

Task and explanation of the project: Many times a travel agent will suggest a place to visit when their customer is not sure where he or she wants to go. It’s important that the travel agent know important facts and history about that place so that the customer is interested and engaged. In this project, it will be your job to research and explore one city to visit. You must provide, in your end project, the following: everyday facts (i.e. population, climate, geographical location, etc), a brief history, good locations to visit and ways of getting there.

The following link is to the podcast that we listened to in class. It would be a great to take some time and listen to it on your own. Make sure you pay close attention to how the students present and the type of information they provide. Remember, this is not exactly what you'll be doing for your project, but it's similar.

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